Technology and Eternity

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Technology and Eternity

Technology is advancing faster and faster. We are surrounded by more screens and gadgets than ever before. Facing these new mediums of communication can be intimidating and even frightening. With technology moving so quickly I sometimes get the feeling there is no time to THINK about anything.. just keep accepting the next update and figure it out as we go!

I was considering all this when a sobering thought occurred to me; We are creating information that is meant to last for all eternity. Maybe THAT’s what we as human souls have in common with technology.. WE are created to last for all eternity as well. Maybe THAT is the spiritual link we’re looking for..

At first glance the cyber and spiritual might not seem to have much of a connection.. however when you consider the affect the MEDIUM of communication has on a soul… it becomes an intimate relationship.

There are many new ways to create a worship environment. Do you find it hard to strike a balance between creating a fantastic tech show that fabricates an emotional experience rather than just simply creating a space for something transcendent to happen? Finding that balance is something we’ll be discussing at this years Clear Conferenceā€¦

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