Stop Putting Jesus in a Dogma Box

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I want to push the boundaries! I hear all the time that “that’s the way we’ve always done things!” or “Look at them they are growing lets do that”. It makes me want to throw up, It makes me think of rancid cottage cheese mixed with milk and Limburger then set in the Sun for a day. O yea, then thing about drinking that. that is what i feel about the keeping up with the Jones type church. Instead of listening for Jesus and seeing where He is leading, we follow our ego or are afraid to rock the boat.

I know that seems so harsh, but I have to say that the status-quo is not what we are called to. I know that Jesus had a few not so nice words for the Religious leaders of the day that where all about the Dogma Box. You need to know my heart on this one, I’m not talking about changing Doctrine, or softening the Gospel quite the opposite. I’m talking about challenging the unwritten, the Gray area, or for that matter just the blatantly obvious things that are stuck in the 1930’s to the 50’s that are viewed as sacred and even the things as far back as to the Roman empire that is when we installed a lot of the traditions attached to the way we do church today.

An organ is not more spiritual than a guitar, and songs with a beat are not the Devil. If you like a lot of bass in your service that’s ok too. In fact the church of old figured that one out. If you want to make a connection to people 30hz to 50hz was very important to feel like you are involved, go to a cathedral with a real Pipe organ from the 1800’s and you will hear and feel some connection in that worship service, when they hit a low B on the foot pedal. and while you are there see the images that are telling the story of the Gospel in paint and the glass that happens to shine color across the room, and just like like moving lights with haze “or smoke of the incense in that day” the lights dance around as clouds go by and the sun moves, making the stained glass glisten sending streaks of color and light to eliminate the room.

People complain about how much is spent on lighting and video, and sound in the modern day, but if you look at the old days of church they had the most cutting edge things for that day to communicate the gospel we are talking what would be the equivalent of Millions at some places. The whole space was designed in order to show the glory of God and they gave their best and it was the most cutting edge, technologically advanced places in the world at that time, even when it was just someones house they gave the best they had to make it a great place to communicate. Even in the 50’s they spend big bucks on organs and things like that to make things feel like you where connected. So, in reality, the same amount is being spent, it is just redirected from architecture, organs and stained glass to projectors, speakers, and lights, to make a more flexible space.

I understand that it is not all about technology, and some times less is definitively more, “can I get a Bowl ring in this place!?!….lol” But pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to engage people with out the constraints of “we never did that before” is where we need to go as a church as God leads us to new opportunities and new ways to reach into the lives of the people in our community. Even If that means going retro and taking it back to simple low tech house church style, with our freedom in Christ we are free to make a different choice and explore.

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