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Conundrum. One of my favorite words! A conundrum presents a challenge. As I was thinking of clear conference I was reflecting on how I have struggled to justify the time and expense spent on what it takes for the local church to execute services on Sunday mornings. Why are we spending so much time and money on something that happens WITHIN the church? It seems we’re constantly looking for money and room in the budget to upgrade our gear for Sunday mornings.

Here is where my CONUNDRUM comes in… WHY are we doing this? There’s no doubt that the building we worship in and the gear we use is important… Jesus spent crucial time in synagogues and the Temple… He affirmed that the worship of God is central to healthy christian living… HOWEVER.. his consistent destination was the PEOPLE His father wanted to reach through Him. Honestly, most of these people were not folks that would normally spend time in holy places! Christs direction was outward. Centrifugal. He was even broken and poured OUT upon his death.

Have you forgotten this centrifugal example Christ has set? Are you busy producing something intended only for those already WITHIN? Come to Clear Conference and renew, refuel, recommit your gifts for the purpose of centrifugal worship!

define conundrum; a confusing and difficult problem or question

define centrifugal; moving or directed outward from the center

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