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2012 Conference Photos

2012 Conference Photos

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Conundrum. One of my favorite words! A conundrum presents a challenge. As I was thinking...

How Songs Are Built

Why do you need to know how a song is built? Why do you care? Because knowing how songs...

Be Together

Be Together. Not likely the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a...

Groove, Space, and Dynamics

It’s good to be reminded of the fundamentals of playing music together, and these are three things we can always be working on!

Stop Putting Jesus in a Dogma Box

I want to push the boundaries! I hear all the time that “that’s the way...

Technology and Eternity

Technology is advancing faster and faster. We are surrounded by more screens and gadgets...

Help Plan Clear Conference 2012

We believe last year’s Clear Conference really met a need! We received great...